Sr. Road Rage

Everyone's Favorite 'Senior Road Rage.'
This is NOT your sweet little grandma!

This piece was inspired by a friend of mine, a retired grade school teacher. 

My anonymous friend is the epitome of a sweet old lady, grandmotherly right down to the black heel shoes and lace tops; kind, gentle and very quiet. BUT ... she shared with me one day about a little 'character flaw' that she possessed - a tendency to 'flip the bird' while flying down the road in her GTO. I cracked up and SENIOR ROAD RAGE was instantly inspired. Senior Citizens - LOVE IT!

I used a sheet of plexi-glass that I slowly bent into shape with a hairdryer for the windshield, than smashed it with a hammer so Grannie could be communicate without any obstruction.

The hopped up golf cart was built from a foundation of lightweight wood strips, then multiple layers of 'sculpt-a-mold.'

This piece took 4 months to complete and approximately 500 hours. Grannie was a labor of love even though she was a pain in the ass.

If you're looking in your rear view mirror, and you see this little lady crawling up your tail pipe, I would highly suggest, that you get the hell out of the way!