'BiPolar' my favorite!

This piece mimics my 'unique mental condition.'
We grew very close over the 6 months it took to bring him (they) to life.
Believe it or not, this piece was sold to a pharmaceutical dealer in Montreal.

Look closely at the two disticnt pesonalities conveyed in each of the two heads. Inspired by a condition, popularly referred to as 'Manic Depression,' this piece speaks volumes to the many masks, emations and what seems like distinct pesoanlity shifts. I fo one, alternate between these 'characters' frequently throughout a day.

The wings have 8 individual coats of 'opalescent' paint glazes, so as you move around the piece, not only does it shine, it also changes color! Cool huh!

My son, Alex, hamming it up.This image shows
the size well - approximately 6' across, 5' tall and took almost 6 months to complete.