The Critic

I had the most fun with this piece when I owned a small papier mache gallery. 

Most people would patiently wait for the man standing in front of the modern art painting to leave so they can take a look. After noticing that this guy just isn't moving, they cautiously edge closer to discover, usually with loud laughter, that they've 'been had.'  The Mad Artist is coming out of the painting, holding the well-dressed (full sized) man off the floor, by his neck.  Scroll down to read the brochure that The Critic is holding.

I attached a full length mirror to the wall so people could see that this was not a real guy! I was thinking of wiring up the arm to make it twitch on command (remotely) but decided it might give someone a heart attack.

My 6' tall son, Alex, to give you some perspective as to the size of this piece. This work is now in Sedona, AZ in a gorgeous home - bet they're having a blast scaring their friends.