I created this piece in 2004-2005 as the result of an invitation / call to artists for their creative interpretation of the war in Iraq.  At the time, it was was NOT a popular piece. 
The nickname assigned to this piece from my friends is 'Grim Reaper' - more affectionately referred to as 'Grim.'

This is an imposing work that looms 6' tall.  It has a cloaked hood obscuring the face and is holding a tightly-wrapped bundle - which after closer inspection reveals little tufts of dark hair with faint blood stains on the wrapping.

Eventually curiosity gets to most people and they bend down to look up at the face, only to discover that there IS no face - just a mirror slanted back at an angle that reveals their own image.

This piece was constructed of heavy muslin cloth, initially dipped in a mix of carpenters and white glue, then 20-30 additional coats, hand applied.  The arms and hands were cast. Various coats of translucent acrylic washes were hand applied to create a rich, deep, lustrous yet ominous look.

I've given this piece to a good friend, Vietnam Veteran Michael D. Wilson, for his extensive art collection.